WOOD ON WINE: Aspler's Canadian Wineries book top-notch

WOOD ON WINE: Aspler's Canadian Wineries book top-notch
6.5%, $ 12.95, 6-pack, 331-mL bottles, at private wine stores, the brewery, select NSLCs. This is the third in a series of limited release brews showcasing the specific characteristics of a single well-known hop variety. East Kent Golding originates in …
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Charbay Releases “The Alambic Collection”
As with all batch-distilled artisanal Spirits, each batch has subtle differences – a trait that Miles and Marko like to honor. (650 cases/6-pack). Rarity: Charbay Whiskey 'S' (Aged 29 months; $ 140/750ml; 49.5% abv.) The same year, Marko was highly …
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Novartis Puts NoDoz Into Energy Shot Game
Walmart sells a 2-pack of the shots for $ 4.68 and $ 11.88 for a 6-pack. In marketing the line as one that comes “from a safe & trusted brand for 50 years,” it's clear that Novartis is banking on the name recognition of NoDoz as a significant point of …
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6 பேக் நல்லதா கெட்டதா?
சமீப காலங்களில் வந்த படங்களில் பாலிவுட்டில் அமீர்கான், சல்மான்கான், கோலிவுட்டில் சூர்யா, பரத் போன்ற நடிகர்கள் சிக்ஸ் பேக் உடலமைப்பில் …
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